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France Has A New Leader And His Name Is Hugo Lloris

Hugo Lloris has been making the headlines for all the right things. Yesterday he sat down for an interview and with eyes on him from almost every corner of the globe; he put his heart – not his mind – out there in the interview. He came across as humble, protective and most importantly, loyal. France certainly has a new leader they can depend on.


Often referred to as the quiet one, Lloris surprised most fans and critics alike by his leadership quality. I’ve read some opinions on his interview, and they were all positive. Lloris not only defended while voicing his opinions on his French mates, but he also honored his role as leader.

Here is what Pascal Boniface had to say in his article about Captain Tricolor interview:

The France team, in any case, has discovered a leader. Hugo Lloris has not only demonstrated his talent on the field but he also showed, in an interview published in the journal The Team , June 28, moral qualities and relevance in the analysis.

The goalkeeper, usually discreet, has gone on the offensive and he did brilliantly, putting things in perspective.

He denounces the first comparison was made between the behavior of the France team in South Africa in 2010, where players were collectively behaved badly, and that of Ukraine, where, he says, everyone has played all the way into the preparation as the competition.”


Hugo Lloris shows an example of courage, responsibility, solidarity and sense of teamwork. Values that are not so frequent, and in many professions.

Why are there so few comments to honor such behavior?”

Read his article here:

And for the interview, go here:

Well done Captain Lloris. Well done.



My heart simply beats football.

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