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Lloris Weds In Private (So Happy For My Captain!)

So happy for my Captain! So so happy, but Lloris, smile nah! 🙂

Today, Hugo Lloris got married to the mother of his daughter in Nice in front of the mayor, Christian Estrosi, who tweeted:

J’ai célébré un mariage avec un marié pas comme les autres: Hugo Lloris, gardien de l’équipe de france de football #Nice06

(I celebrated a wedding with a groom like no other: Hugo Lloris, goalkeeper of France Football # Nice06)

Lloris got married in private this morning at the City Hall in Nice. He is now guardian of the heart of the beautiful Marine, originally from Cagnes sur mer, and met on the benches of the school Thierry Meaulnier.The wedding was officiated by Deputy Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi. They were surrounded only by their families.

Congrats Lloris and may your beautiful bride keep your heart always.



My heart simply beats football.

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