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Lloris at the Euro (The Kits)

France’s number 1 wore three different colors at the  Euro 2012 and although yellow was my least favorite, Hugo Lloris rocked all 3 kits.

The Red Kit

I don’t really like the color red, but it looks great on Lloris. (It ALWAYS look great on Oogo) It was one of my favorite goalie kit at the Euro but I couldn’t wait for the match to end:

The jersey just clings to Oogo’s glorious abs so tight and nice ^^

The Yellow Kit:

It was not my favorite and I rendered it ugly, but Oogie made the kit looked sexy. Tad disappointed he did not take his top off at the end of the match but Mustard Lloris looked fab:

The Black Kit:

The sexiest of them all!

It’s my favorite kit on him and I wished he had worn it every match but it was worthwhile while it lasted.

And Oogie took his top off:



My heart simply beats football.

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