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Tottenham Still Interested In Lloris

Luka Modric has completed his move to Real Madrid. Spurs made 37 mil off the deal and it seems like they want to use that money to sign Lloris. Spurs are still interested in the goalie. They haven’t ended their interest because they had been watching him for a long time.

Lyon’s president Jean-Michel Aulas said:

“We had a lot of contacts. Positions (between the two clubs) have come together. I told Hugo on Monday the content of these exchanges. It is he who holds the key, the decision belongs to him. I think it will be requested by Tottenham. to him to see if he can find the conditions for development in line with what he expects, sporting and fiscally speaking,”

At the moment various reports are reporting that Lyon and Spurs has reached an agreement for the Frenchman. Aulas has yet again put the Frenchman in the hot seat although he did promise the fans that Lloris was staying.  I’ll just wait for Lloris’s word.



My heart simply beats football.

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