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It’s His Decision, But …

Hugo Lloris might be on his way to the White Hart Lane. Various reports and even Wikipedia has reported that the goalie has agreed to the terms the EPL club presented and will undergo a medical tomorrow. He is reportedly in London to finalized talks with Tottenham Hotspur.

Lyon’s president, Jean-Michel Aulas made such a scene in July when he promised the fans that he will go to New York, where Lyon was preparing for the Trophee des Champs against Montpellier and talk Lloris into staying. After Lyon was crowned champions, Aulas was giddy with excitement saying that the Gardien will indeed stay with Lyon. The fans went through the roof with their excitement. For us fans, Lloris is special and we’re jealous of anyone trying to take him away from us, although we knew one day, he was going to leave Lyon.

Let’s face it, Lloris is a passionate player, a true representation of professionalism and exemplary. Any club will be lucky to have him. It has been said that if was not for Lloris, Lyon would have been regulated but Lyon can count on the veteran Vercoutre between the sticks.

Maybe Tottenham Hotspur do not deserve our golden goalie, but other top clubs have no need of a replacement #1 right now.  Lyon might win the Ligue without Lloris this saison, but the opportunity to move to London appeals for the Frenchman. Who knows what he will do there for the club? Being the passionate player that he is, no doubt, the team will be inspired. He is one who respects both the shirt and the club.

I have watched Tottenham play and they’re not that bad as some people are making them out to be. Lloris to the White Hart Lane is his decision, but I dislike Aulas for taking back his word and putting the goalie in the hot seat. I was certain the OL was going to have Lloris for at least one more saison. Does Lloris going to Spurs means I will not support him anymore? No, he is my favorite goalie and I’ll continue to support him. The decision taken will be his and I will respect him for it, because it is his career. Football is about evolution and he needs to get more recognition than he currently has because Hugo Lloris is a phenomenon.

He’s been a treat to watch and a lethal threat between the sticks for both club and country. France must be so proud to have this man as their #1. If Lloris stays at Lyon, he might not get another offer like this next season and if he goes, well, the fans should be thankful for his contribution and give him all their best wishes.

So Oogie, it’s your decision. Make the right one and all the best with your future endeavors.



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