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End Of A Lyon Era

Lloris arriving at the Spurs Lodge

It’s the end of a Lyon era for Lloris that is. The gardien served the Ligue 1 club from 2009-2012. Lloris signed a 4 year deal with EPL club, Tottenham Hotspur on 31st August 2012. As I said before, I watch their games, but with Lloris being their goalie, I’ll be watching even more. No, I am not a huge fan or anything like that. I’ll be supporting my favorite gardien by tuning in to watch his games. I sure hope he’ll be wearing the number 1 shirt! It won’t make sense to put this goalie on the bench. Not with someone as incredible with invaluable experience and skills.

Lloris began his senior playing career with OG Nice in 2005. There he made 72 appearances before departing for Olympique Lyonnais, where he clocked up 146 league appearances, twice winning the Ligue 1 Goalkeeper of the Year award.

His statement via Spurs TV:

“I am here because I believe in Tottenham. I think everything is okay for the future of Tottenham, we have great players in the team and a great coach and everything is alright and in place to get to the Champions League next year. I think we have to prove ourselves on the pitch and I’m here because I believe in, and am ready to give my best for, the team and also the fans.”

View the video here:

All the best Lloris and thank you for your contribution to the OL. No doubt, you’ll be missed, but go there and show them what a great goalie you are! Maybe now you’ll get the recognition you deserve!



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