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5 Star Debut For Lloris!

Hugo Lloris made his debut for new team, Tottenham Hotspur tonight and what a debut! Not that we long time fans did not know what was coming from our left footed Spyderman! Commentators, critics and football fans alike were overly impressed with the Frenchman’s debut against Lazio in the Europa League, some going as far to call him the Man of the Match.

Lloris was the most talked about Spurs player on social networks. In the match he was commanding, loud (some fans thought he was oh so quiet! Guess what, he can speak. Reason why he’s the French captain.), set up most counter attacks for his team and did nothing wrong. He had little to do but when he had to do, he stepped up and did, coming out to claim a couple of dangerous crosses. He showed that he was not afraid to come off his line. This is a dream debut for any player. Annnnddd …

That’s right. The game ended in a unfair 0-0 draw and Lloris kept a nice clean sheet. For highlights of the team’s game, visit here:

During the match, Spurs fans appeared to be chanting Lloris’s name. Nice welcome gesture for the Frenchman. After the match, he said he’ll answer questions in French, but spoke fluent English – according to a sports reporter. He enjoyed the atmosphere at WHL and it’s only natural that he wants to play more. He also said:

“We wanted to win but we were unlucky this evening. We had opportunities, we played a good game today.”

No Lloris, you guys played a great game today!


Total Minutes Played: 90

Goal Kicks: 3

Saves: 1

Goals: 0

Shots on Target: 0

Lloris v Lazio:



My heart simply beats football.

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