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Lloris wants to ‘shake things up’




Reeking of both confidence and ambition.

Traits this man acquire so well it’s like his second skin. A great role model for younger ones to look upon.

After his debut last night in the Europa League game against Lazio, Lloris was giddy and excited for more games with his new team. The Spurs goalie was on exhibition last night and I could not have felt more proud of the man who I love watching in action. So full of passion!

Talking to L’Equipe he said that he wants to play but he will not knock down his manager’s door, not asking any questions and wants to shake things up.

“I want to play,” 

“There’s small adjustment period, but I’m not asking 36 questions. I’m calm, I’m happy.

“It’s never easy to join a team doing well once the season has started. It’s the coach’s choice but I’m here to shake it up a little.”

Lloris is a world class keeper. He knows this but he downplays this status:

“Obviously when you arrive in a new country, you must prove [yourself]. I also think I have a status, but I have to be good as with all that I did in France,” 

“It is something to overcome and I’ll try to do so with confidence and ambition.”

Hats off to you Lloris! You’re on your way.



My heart simply beats football.

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