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Lloris on Barthez, Man U, Real Madrid and Family

(Throwback interview 2010)

Hugo Lloris: «Je ne suis pas Barthez !»

Neither his credit athlete nor his popularity suffered the “crash” of Knysna. It is even one of the few survivors whose score is the highest. Four months after South Africa, Hugo Lloris gets Hervé Mathoux, TV Magazine columnist, in his village on the heights of Lyon. Simple, authentic, available as a footballer dream all the fans.

Hugo Lloris, the public rejected en masse Blues World Cup, which you were part. Yet you always seem as popular … How do you explain that?
I’ve never asked whether I liked it or not. For me, the most important is to be judged on performance. The human aspect comes after.

Why you take pleasure both in public?
I do not cheat. I try to be as natural as possible and interact with the public, especially with the kids. The fans are always behind us and I think we should return the favor to all those people who support us.

You have social origins uncharacteristic for a footballer?
Say they are not commonplace in the world of football. My mother was a lawyer and my father is a bank executive. They have done extensive studies and went downstairs to climb the ladder. For me, my parents have always been a model of success. From my side, I went to college and public schools, I always mixed with happiness. I love these mixes social and cultural rights, including the football, and I like when there is mutual respect.

Sometimes you send an image of a football nerd. Do you think this is justified?
(Laughter.) Geek, me? Are you kidding or what! At school, I always loved what I was doing, especially math [he holds a tray S]. But if you’re a nerd because his tray, then France is full of nerds! To me, this is just normal.

But you recognize yourself in the generation of “video games and helmet on the head”?
I also play video games! But it is also true that I read. Rather books on football, even though I read recently Manual of the Warrior of Light, Paulo Coelho. This is Joel Bats [goalkeeping coach OL] who gave it to me. I found similarities between what Coelho wrote and what we live we goalkeepers …

What is life like Hugo Lloris today?
A rather quiet life. I spend most of my time with my family and my little Anna-Rose, born a few weeks ago. When you find yourself with a little girl in your arms like that, it’s … Finally, I wish happiness to everyone!

In the hands of goalkeeper of France, it should be safe!
(Laughter.) Yes, okay, I have a good grip on the ball. But it takes a little more delicate …

We sometimes hear that you are the new Barthez. You seem to have a common form of recklessness …
With Fabien, we focus on common fun. Beyond that, there is no comparison to make. Barthez is a legendary guardian and there will never be another Barthez! One who inspired me the most is probably Iker Casillas [world champion goalkeeper of Real Madrid and Spain]. He has found the perfect balance between calm and risky game. I’ve always liked a bit foufou guards. Moreover, it must have the risk appetite for change in goal.

Real Madrid, you dream to play one day?
The problem is that Casillas is still young (laughs)! It’s true, I’ve always been impressed by what I call the “big house football,” as Real Madrid. This is the upstairs of Lyon and, who knows, I may one day be the opportunity to know that … There is no club that makes me “dream” today. When I was young, however, I dreamed to Manchester United with Cantona …

Interview by Hervé Mathoux



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