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Lloris Is Relax At Tottenham

Don’t panic and don’t feel bad for the Frenchman aka the best goalie in France.

Despite being second fiddle to veteran, Brad Friedel, Hugo Lloris is as relaxed as  a cat in a room fill with a pack of vicious looking dogs. He will like to feature more the club, but he knows about waiting his turn to make his EPL debut. He said that EVERYTHING is positive at Spurs, his new home.

Talking to beIN SPORT he said:

“I’m not crazy, I didn’t come here to stay on the bench. I’m very calm about my situation. I’ve just moved, everything is positive.

“Of course, I’d prefer to play more. At Lyon I was playing every three or four days. Now I know that it’s just temporary and that things will go back to normal.”

Ladies and gents, the often soft spoken French captain has spoken. 🙂



My heart simply beats football.

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