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Caulker on humble Lloris

Diving save: Lloris prevents Gabriel Agbonlahor from having a shot on goal

Spurs team mate, Steven Caulker has only nice things to say about new boy, Hugo Lloris.

“He’s been very humble, he’s been a good character amongst the boys,”

“He’s had to be patient as well with Brad playing fantastically well, so the gaffer gave him the nod for his first Premier League start and he did really well.

“Hugo’s learning English and he’s coming along really well. He made a fantastic save [from Gabriel Agbonlahor] when they had a one on one and he’s really proving his worth.

“My French isn’t great but the communication was fine. He understands the English that he needs to know and he was very vocal.”

Some of the EPL fans saw Hugo Lloris debut for the first time yesterday against Aston Villa and although most of the comments were positive, some were also negative. Most of the negative comments were made by fans who are not associated with the gifted Lloris from his days from Nice and Lyon or as the France #1. But as the season continue to progress and as Lloris continue to get some EPL playing time, critics will be shut up.


My heart simply beats football.

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