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Lloris: ‘Everyone has to put in a huge effort.’

The French captain believes in team. He believes that Les Bleus can get their chances against Spain but they’ll have to take them.

“It could be difficult, but we have to be together, and everyone has to put in a huge effort and hit them where it hurts. We will certainly have our chances, and we cannot let them pass,”

He also says France “must hit Spain where it hurts”

I agree with Mr. Lloris. France is not a bad looking team at all. They can create chances and take advantage of them, but it will be solely up to the team. About the match against Japan yesterday, the captain says,

“Unfortunately we got hit by a counter attack of 100 meters. I think we could have avoided it, but that’s part of the game and we must lift our heads up and prepare for Tuesday’s game in Spain.”


“Some of their players play in the biggest clubs in Europe … We knew they would be good and they proved tonight how well organized they were by weathering the storm and hitting us with a quality goal.”

And Didier Deschamps laments the space France left for Japan:

“We gave them too much space. The result hurts obviously, but we created a few chances … I don’t think we’ll get as many chances against Spain. We will have to defend well and take our chances better than we did tonight.”

Indeed, France will have to take her chances, but as I said, it’s up to the team. They MUST play like they’re on fire, like they’re in a final. I’ll settle for either a win or a draw.

Today’s Training Session:



My heart simply beats football.

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