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‘It Was Not Nice To Michu’

Okay, so I happen to know that Hugo Lloris dabbles in the art of kung fu and he packs a mean punch, but he did not mean to knock Michu the heck down/out.

Lloris had a great game and he defended his clean sheet until the very end. There was a little controversy involving him and Swansea’s Michu when they collided and he knocked the player down after he punched clear ahead. Michu is on the floor, and Spurs is on the attack and going for goal and almost had it through Townsend but neither the referee or linesman stopped the game for Michu to get attended to.

Swansea’s coach, Michael Laudrup expressed his fear for his top scorer:

“When I saw Michu like this, I said: ‘Fucking hell, he’s unconscious. You can’t fake a reaction like that. I am really surprised the referee didn’t stop play more quickly. When I saw it, I remembered ‘82 with Battiston [when he was flattened by the goalkeeper Schumacher]. I really would like to hear the explanation from the referee and the linesman. They both have to be blamed for this one.”

And AVB, Spurs coach share this same sentiment:

“I was expecting the referee to stop the game instantly. The health of a player is more important. The referee has to stop the game.”

Indeed, the referee had the power of the whistle, the linesman the flag. However, it was not a free kick to Swansea as Lloris had already gotten to the ball. Both players came at the ball the same time and couldn’t stop, hence the collision. Although Lloris trended over on Twitter for taking Michu out (and surprise, surprise, most of the jokes were positive) he had not mean to drop Michu.

On the brighter side though, Lloris dropping Michu will no doubt inspire his team to play better and win because after today, they will no doubt think their very own keeper can take them out if they lose a game. It’s not his fault he packs a powerful punch.

Five minutes added time were negotiated safely thanks to two huge punches clear from Hugo Lloris, the second setting up the final chance, Townsend denied one-on-one on the break. (via

Spurs went on to win 1-0 with a Jan Vertonghen cracker.


That’s right, Hugo Lloris handed Spurs their 3rd clean sheet of the season like the boss that he is.

Played 90 minutes, had 4 goal kicks and 2 saves. Over all, he was never really tested by Swansea, but as usual, stepped up to defend his area when under threat. 4 out of 5 star performance.

Notable Lloris minutes via

42′ Sandro passes behind Dembele and Michu latches onto the ball. He’s 45-yards out from goal but tries an ambitious lob that has Lloris backtracking, though it ends up well over the bar.

 86′ Swansea have yet to test Lloris, with Spurs keeping the ball relatively well and denying any clear-cut chances. Sigurdsson attempts an ambitious shot from long range, but shanks it wide.
90+5′ Fantastic goalkeeping from Lloris. The Frenchman rushes off his line and punches clear, taking Michu out in the process. Swansea expect play to be stopped for a head injury, but Spurs break and Townsend forces Tremmel into a good, low save when clean through. The Swans, and Chico especially, are outraged and a scuffle breaks out. Michu appears to be OK. Jake Livermore – an unused sub – is booked for leaving the bench and joining in the handbags.

Hugo Lloris v Swansea:

Britain Soccer Premier League

Britain Soccer Premier League

Britain Soccer Premier League



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