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Hugo Lloris: I’m just a geek

Hugo Lloris: France international now appears to be established as Tottenham'

MOVE over Arsene Wenger, there is a new French boffin in North London.

The Arsenal manager’s intellect and studious nature earned him the nickname ‘Le Professeur’.

But he now has a rival Gallic brainbox at the other end of the Seven Sisters Road.

Hugo Lloris should have no trouble getting his angles right when he lines up in goal again for Tottenham at Aston Villa tonight.

That is because the France skipper is a maths and science genius.

Lloris excelled in both subjects as a child and he revealed that, if he had not become a goalkeeper, he would have been a geek.

Lloris, who joined Spurs in a £12million deadline-day switch from Lyon said: “I’ve always been polite, decent and a good listener.

“I followed the rhythm of a normal child. I was hard working and rigorous at school. I did science A-Level and loved everything to do with science. Had my football career not taken off I would most certainly have continued my studies.

“That would have come naturally to me. Maybe I would have stayed in maths.”

But he insists he was just six when he decided he wanted to be a keeper. He added: “I think it was down to two things. On the one hand I liked throwing myself around, diving and catching balls.

“And I think I was already aware that it was a position where you have responsibilities, that you had more chance of winning a game if you didn’t concede goals.”

With a Monaco-based banker for a dad and an international lawyer for a mum, Lloris had a privileged upbringing.

He said: “I’ve never considered myself the son of bourgeois because ever since I was little I mixed with others.

“I like this diversity. My grandfather passed on his cinematic culture to me whereas my parents passed on the taste for studying.

“There are different styles of goalkeepers. I’m not crazy but my way of playing is fairly open and I like taking my responsibilities — we’re not allowed to make mistakes.

“It’s hard to explain, when I’m on the pitch I become a different person.

“The peculiarity of the position is that you can never ease up. When the ball’s in our end, we’re flat out. It’s our job to be decisive so you can never feel satisfied.

“Whether it’s a victory or a defeat, exploits or mistakes, there are always lessons to learn.”


My heart simply beats football.

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