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Lloris, a spectator against Man U


On Sunday, Hugo Lloris played in the snow against Man U and well, it was a quiet match for the goalie, while De Gea stole the show on the other end with superb saves until that blunder, which eventually costed him, causing the game to draw 1-1.

With a high profile game as this one, I am certain Hugo Lloris was anticipating balls coming at him like every minute or so. Apart from that RVP goal, he couldn’t do anything about and doing what he had to do which was little, Lloris had a pretty quiet game. He did not had many shots to save.

No clean sheet for the goalie, who has been having a fantastic time since becoming number 1 at the club, but it was a vital draw. He celebrated in relief when Aaron Lennon found Clint Dempsey, who connected with the back of De Gea’s net.

And news away from the club, Didier Deschamps confirmed last night that Hugo Lloris will remain France captain on a long-term basis. “He is [captain], and he will be.”

Great news! DD indeed has his faith in the French shot stopper.

Lloris v Man U:


Couldn’t stop this mean header from RVP

766x575 (2)

Spectating …


Commanding his area


Waiting patiently to save a shot or two


Pure relief and joy as Dempsey equalized. 1-1



My heart simply beats football.

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