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Not his best match but Lloris moves on

Hugo Lloris and the Spurs took on Liverpool on Sunday and lost 3-2. Vertonghen scored the two goals for Spurs while Suarez, Downing and Gerrad added to Lloris’ woes. The second goal was partially his fault. He rushed off his line in an attempt to win the ball from Downing, but a miskick from the goalie will see that Downing gets the ball back and went on to score the second goal for Liverpool with Walker lurking in the area.

Gerrard scored a penalty on him for the 3rd after sending the Frenchman the wrong way.

The funny thing is, of Gerrard had not seen the montage of Hugo Lloris before the game, he would have gone to the right. Lloris mostly go to the right when saving penalties.

Lloris game was a 3 out of 5.

After the match he said:

“We are disappointed because we lost but there are a lot of positive things to think after this.”

Lloris v Liverpool:

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My heart simply beats football.

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