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Lloris signs off on Varane and thinks France need an early goal


On Varane

If Didier Deschamps hand Raphael Varane his Les Bleus debut this evening against Georgia, captain of the Bleus, Hugo Lloris thinks that the young man fully deserve it. Varane has been called up as a reward for playing so deliciously well with Real Madrid that the coach of the Bleus called him up. I am hoping that he also gets to start this evening.

At the presser yesterday, Lloris said:

“He moved to Real and he has developed over time. He has massive potential, but he needs time in the French team.

“I can’t say if he is going to start, but if he does, I know he’ll be ready. He will bring his youth enthusiasm, his talent and his determination.”

I am hoping he gets to start. He could help the defence a lot more than some might think.

On that early goal

Lloris has warned his team that Georgia will not be pushovers this evening and urged them to find an early goal. Speakign to RMC he said:

“On paper, we are the favourites to win this game, but we will have to confirm our status on the pitch,”

“It would be a huge help if we score an early goal. They will keep a lot of men behind the ball and stay organised.

“This match is a must-win for France. It will not be easy, but we are wary.”

Lloris at the presser yesterday:







My heart simply beats football.

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