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Lloris Reminder!

Today, Lloris and the Bleus take on Spain – round 2! – in a 2014 WCQ match. The French team had their customary walk:

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Lloris gave his thoughts on the highly anticipated match:

 “It is now over six months since we live together this adventure. At the moment everything is going well at the points acquired performance but it can switch very quickly. It will be difficult but it will not be a purpose because there have three more matches and after two trips to manage. All lights are green but there is no complacency. It will be very strong, like our second period in Spain (1-1 in October 2012). We want to achieve a good performance. We will try to produce a beautiful print technique. Facing the best team in the world, we must already be ready. Attention should also be based on moral values . a little while since we made beautiful things with this jersey and continuity we must achieve a good performance and be on top. was made a match more than adequate against Georgia (3-1). It will s inspire of it by adding a few extra ingredients. leg remains the reference match, now it is a game, it belongs to the past. should also be questioned. expected to suffer, but we also know that the can cause problems for the team. believes is strong, we want to outdo all together.”

Such wise words from the captain. No matter what happens today, France go out there and do a good job. Make the fans proud.



My heart simply beats football.

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