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Article Find: Hugo Lloris. Deep into the surface

March 25, 2013 at 19:06

PORTRAIT Goalkeeper, captain of the France team hides in a nature reserve, rich and endearing personality.

(Photo Fred Kihn for Liberation)

The recorder stops. Hugo Lloris rises, shakes and smiles. Punishment is completed, it becomes almost eloquent, his voice rising an octave and not hastily to the picture. Perky. For fifty minutes, the captain of the team of France is held in a litany diplomatic “I’m not in control, I’m not afraid of doing or saying bullshit, otherwise I would not goalkeeper. I am on the subject, it is my personality, that’s all. I give what it takes. “Many? “No! Necessary … For personal questions, I protect my family. In the locker room, my teammates. You do not necessarily need to know. “

Reminiscences of democratic centralism before yesterday or to-know corporate at the time, the collective adventures mechanical does not change. Washed survêts the family. The porter of the Tottenham Hotspurs has integrated ago. His fate, however, was not preordained. Son of an international lawyer business law and a banker, republican meritocracy products, Hugo Lloris received an education which allows him to remain open to any eventuality: “They gave me the basics through evolutionary time and can still teach: respect, work ethic, openness to others, “  he concedes lip.

From the age of 6 years, Hugo knows. He joined the Centre d’action culturelle de Cimiez (Alpes-Maritimes) and already wants to be goalkeeper, he does not force anything or to become pro or skipper of the Blues. He works hard, while leaving future course of his talent and without back. One inviolable principle, he prefers to be wrong with the others that due alone. A Knysna, he foresaw that the French players will “go for idiots”  (1) when the question Domenech before the episode of the bus, but he is silent. Solidarity, but not fooled.

Monday at Clairefontaine, the media uproar the first day of placement of French, Hugo Lloris waits his turn peaceful in an armchair in the “corner”, a rest room installed in an outbuilding of the castle of the Blues. Large (1.86 m), lanky, down-adolescent post a week, youthful face, it appears plausible a cross between a dark Palmade Pierre and Gary Cooper in Man of the street . He donned the uniform regulatory selecting lights, a blue tracksuit tone on tone, turquoise and night to taste … uncertain. Some of his relatives in the World Cup 2010 (Toulalan, Gourcuff) link now conspicuously absent when it is unsinkable. “We felt that his reputation and his career will not affect his personality. I see him from time to time in Nice. He kept the same friends and it was as if I had left the day before, “ says Cedric Kante, a former teammate. Since leaving the Côte d’Azur five years ago, first to London and then to Lyon last summer when he returns Lloris two, three days. To meet his buddies high school “that allow me not to cut the real world, aware of my privileges” , and that it can, on occasion, get on the roof ( “It happens, of as we do not see every day “ ). He would also like to see his family, his brother in his footsteps (S terminal, as he and an intern at local football club) and older sister (28 years). Their mother, however, died in April 2008. “I overcame this event by football, I shared that moment with my partners. I did not ask but the club is mobilized. I played three days after his death and the public’s stadium Ray held a minute of silence. It was a hard thing for something difficult to accept. After that, he must learn to ask, to protect his family and move forward, “ he said, a veil in the eye.

If fond memories of Hollywood films that made ​​him discover his grandfather – “Errol Flynn, James Stewart” – it retains few traces of the things he reads ( “Things that affect currency or Marc Levy recently “ ) or he listens ( 50 cent, Akon , house). He admits: “I escaped, I am in immediate pleasure and then I move on to something else. As in real life or in game.”  This propensity to quickly zap the recent past, is a common feature of the best goalkeepers in the world. That and zest dinguerie inherent to the function. “From the beginning, it was a daredevil. He took risks, was cleaning in dogfights. He immediately won the confidence of the old, “ recalls Cedric Kante. Beneath affable and Cartesian Lloris hides a superhuman determination, chronic insensitivity to any form of pressure with, implicitly, that certainty unconscious work and his talent will always shoot business. “I remember him, all young, just before the final of the League Cup against Nancy in 2006. His eyes sparkled that he was hyperconcentrated, full of enthusiasm, ready to fight, “ remembers then-teammate, Jacques Abardonado. Paternity has not altered his way to bully opposing forwards. “It has changed my way of being and seeing, that’s a lot.” Since the birth of Anna-Rose (2 years), Navy he married his girlfriend since high school and no longer claims “to want to keep a pace of youth.” as if something else had happened …

Since last summer, the captain of the Blues lives in London where he met, in his spare time, with cosmopolitan cuisine of the English capital. As usual, he made ​​his hole discreetly. Replacing initially, it did not say anything and guard the woods now one of the best teams in Britain.The air of nothing. He seems more concerned with his mark in clubs as a human being by his descendants as a footballer. “When Hugo is gone, everyone at the club was sad. Educators and administrative liked the player but they worshiped the man even more. He behaved in the same way regardless of the status of the person in front. It was the same at a reception at the town hall as the barbecue on Saturday afternoon, “ says Robert Duverne, the preparer of the Olympique Lyonnais. As a citizen or as a speaker selection, Hugo Lloris still stands well away from hot topics or reheated (LDCs marriage for all presidential …). “I notice it but I do not want to spread it, “ he says. However, it does not have the same speech about taxation: “This is different. Whatever the government in place, it is French, it has duties and sticks to it. ” Even with the 75% that would have been subject to income with Lyon? He hesitates. “Yes, but do not think I left England because of that” , he slips a laugh.

(1) Raymond Domenech, “Alone”, Flammarion.

Hugo Lloris in 6 dates

December 26, 1986 Born in Nice. 
Oct. 26, 2005
 First game as a pro, with Nice. 
November 19, 2008
 First Team selection in France. September 23, 2010 Birth of his daughter, Anna-Rose. 
Aug. 2012
 Leave Lyon Tottenham. March 26, 2013 France and Spain.

Photo Fred Kihn




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