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The season of Hugo Lloris

Lloris, while still with Lyon, won the Trophee des Champs this year (28th July 2013) during preseason

Hugo Lloris has always been a phenomenon in his native France and I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of his. He started out at OGC Nice and eventually moved to Lyon after snubbing AC Milan and I think it was the right choice because in doing so, this helped him to develop and he met Joel Bats, the best goalie trainer out there in my opinion. His skills and talent were not manufactured, they were developed overtime with hard work and dedication.

Although he was already a household name in France, he was still unrecognized globally. Sadly, this is because the Ligue 1 is not considered as a top league although they have produced many young talents who went on to do well outside of France. The only time fans of the beautiful game got a taste of Lloris was when he featured on the big stage in the Champions League and he had memorable games too, just ask Real Madrid.

Many fans feared that Hugo Lloris would not be given proper recognition if he stayed in France but that fear was soon replaced by another fear when it was announced that Lloris will move to London to become a Tottenham Hotspur player: the fear of Lyon marching on without him. He held Lyon together at the back and was a fans’ favorite.

Lloris for Lyon/Spurs


Hugo Lloris started the 2012/13 season with Lyon, unsure if the club’s president was going to let him go to Spurs having received an offer from them while in New York for the Trophee des Champs. He did not play in the first Ligue 1 game  of the season against Rennais because he had the virus, but he played against Troyes and ETG before finalizing a move to the White Hart Lane on August 31st 2012.

When he moved to Spurs he faced competition from Brad Freidel and started on the bench for the EPL games while he was given the starting role in the Europa League games. He made his debut for Spurs in the Europa match against Lazio keeping a clean sheet on September 20th 2012 as the game went on to end in a scoreless draw. He made his EPL debut a month later on the 7th against Aston Villa keeping a clean sheet as Spurs won 2-0 and he was the Man of the Match for many including me.

Lloris played a total of 33 games for Spurs inclusive of cup games, but nothing beats seeing him make his EPL debut proving doubters wrong that he can indeed do it on a cold day or a hot day or any football given day in London. Another favorite game was mine was the Lazio v Spurs game which ended in another scoreless draw, but had it not been for Hugo, Lazio would have won. It was a one man show and Lloris was the star of it.

When he was handed the chance to prove himself he did not hold back. He showed what a quality signing he was and why he deserved the #1 jersey. He was professional through and through and he did not at once whine about why he was not starting in public. He did not look back since taking over as Spurs #1 against West Ham on November 25th 2012.

Lloris for France


Lloris on national duty for France in May

I love seeing the French team in action and France is lucky to have such a terrific goalie for their #1. Lloris kept a clean sheet against Uruguay in their August meeting but his best game was the world cup qualifier against Spain. The match drew 1-1 but Lloris saved a penalty, had a double save and was easily the Man of the Match.

In total he played 10 games for France last season and although he hates getting the clean sheet dirty, sometimes there is nothing he can do about it. He only had two clean sheets out of the 10 games played.

STATS: Hugo Lloris’ 2012/13 season

International duty

This is a total of every game Lloris played last season including the cup games, EPL and for country. The most Lloris conceded was 5 against Arsenal in the EPL. He had been conceding at least 1 goal or 2 a game season long.

Total apps: 45 (10 for France; 5 in the Europa; 1 Capital Cup; 2 for Lyon; 27 in the EPL)

Total clean sheets: 13 (2 for France; 2 in Europa; 9 in EPL)

Total goals conceded: 47 (11 for France; 3 in the Europa; 2 in the Capital Cup inclusive of a Jan OG; 2 for Lyon; 29 in the EPL inclusive of a Bale OG)

meantime enjoy some penalty saves here:

And here’s to next season!



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