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Another clean sheet for Lloris as Spurs win first Europa play off

Dinamo Tbilisi hosted Spurs in this first leg of Europa League play off and lost 5-0 to a well organized, determined Spurs. Lloris played in goal and kept a massive clean sheet. If Lloris continue in this form, he is going to be Spurs top player at the end of the season.

Goals came from Townsend, Paulinho, Soldado (he scored 2) and Rose. Lloris had his moments and he was quick off the line at times to rescue his team but he did not have many work to do as Spurs kept the ball mostly. At one point, Dvali came at him with a dangerous header, but Lloris having those sweet enviable reflex made the save to deny his opponent.

He might wear the number 25, but he’s number 1 in my heart. He’s just unbelievable!

Lloris v Dinamo Tbilisi




My heart simply beats football.

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