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Nothing much to do, but Lloris came up with the clean sheet

Yes, another clean sheet for the wonderful goalie.

Last evening, Sours hosted Tromso IL (from Norway) in the Europa League and came away with a 3-0 win, meaning another clean sheet for Lloris. I think I have lost how many clean sheets he had for the year thus far, but I think it’s 2 for France, 3 in the EPL and 2 in the Europa, a total of 7 thus far.

Lloris played in the sexy orange kit and hardly saw the ball. When he eventually saw the ball, he was simply making wonderful passes to his team mates. He was largely untroubled especially in the first half. He could have knitted sweaters for his team mates then turn around and cook lunch for himself.

Nevertheless, every time Lloris got the ball at his feet, my commentators never missed a beat to gush over Lloris. In the 87′ though, he was so quick off his line to clear that no one saw him coming. He abandoned his post like a ninja.

He might wear the #25, but he is my #1.

See here for banter/pictures & for the guy who bears an uncanny resemblance to Oogie:

And Lloris should forget about Bale and try to start a bromance relationship with La-La-La Lamela!

Next match for the goalie is an EPL match against Cardiff City.

Lloris v Tromso IL:

Lads line-up before kick-off



My heart simply beats football.

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