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Lloris sounds off on Spurs losing to West Ham


Fu …. Lloris after conceding the second goal

It was one of those matches for Spurs yesterday. Their heart was not in it. Their mind seem elsewhere. It happens sometimes, but I also think AVB need to rotate his team more often. Spurs lost 3-0 at the WLH because there was no form of concentration and when the players are not concentrating, everyone loses.

Hugo Lloris as well. He was responsible for two of the 3 goals. It does not take away anything from his greatness though. This means he has conceded 5 goals in the EPL, giving up a clean sheet. He is hoping that the team will get the 3 points when they face Aston Villa after the international break.

There were opportunities for Spurs to score as well, but their hearts were not in it.

After the match, the goalie made his thoughts known:

‘It’s disappointing to lose 3-0 at home in front of our fans. We had problems creating opportunities to score. Sometimes that happens’

‘Maybe the luck wasn’t on our side. We had the opportunity to score the first goal but the goalkeeper made the save’

‘We now have an international break and we will come back with a determination to get the three points against Villa’

Lloris v West Ham:





My heart simply beats football.

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