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Lloris sticky: what he expects of Spain and training session

Hugo Lloris and the Bleus have an important match to play today:

France v Finland

Yesterday, the goalie attended a presser with coach, Didier Deschamps. And although France can still qualify for the World Cup automatically/mathematically, if Georgia beats Spain and the French thrash Finland, it’s highly unlikely, and Lloris also stated so:

“Spain did the job on Friday (by beating Belarus 2-1) and we don’t expect them to fail tomorrow,” 

“Yes, we already have the playoffs next month in mind.”

The goalie also think that France is still that ‘formidable’ team that teams will want to avoid in the play offs next month:

“All the seeded teams have their own qualities but I still think France is a formidable team and no one wants to play us,” 

“Of course Portugal are among the big teams and Sweden are strong and have a great player (Zlatan Ibrahimovic).”

And France is unfairly ranked at number 25. Lloris addressed this as well, saying:

“It shows the work that we still have to do. France should be a seeded team. We have a lot of history, experience. It’s a bit of a handicap, but unfortunately we have to put up with that. It means we should work harder and the players must surpass themselves.”

Lloris at the presser:







Last training session:


Exclusive Lloris interview at the Stade de France:

Good luck, Lloris!



My heart simply beats football.

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