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Les Bleus draw in Nice

My Heart Beats Football

Match: France v Paraguay

Date: 01st June 2014

Final: 1-1 

So. We drew.

We drew and suddenly, its the end of the world. Critics who praised Les Bleus’ performance against Norway chirped, ‘They don’t need Nasri’ and now because we drew this evening, they’re chirping a different song, ‘Is it too late for Nasri?’


France played a good game against Paraguay in Nice earlier. They did not bring the fire they had against Norway, but it was a nice performance overall. Goals came in late from Griezmann (82′) and Caceres (89′).

The Paraguay equalizer was the first goal France has conceded at home since March 2013.

We could have won by more had those missing shots in the first half went in.

I want to talk about two things. First, that high line. Deschamps, I don’t ever want to see that strange high line in the WC. Thankfully…

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My heart simply beats football.

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