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Lloris: France is falling back in love with Les Bleus

Hugo Lloris believe that he is seeing a turn around in the Les Bleus fans support for France. Maybe that’s why the captain was smiling at the presser earlier:

Captain Hugo Lloris believes France’s performance in the World Cup so far has helped improve relations with the fans. France were unbeaten in Group E finishing top of the group with 7 points.

Lloris told a news conference at the national stadium in Brasilia:

“There have been some ups and downs in the past few years, that’s true,”

“But since the return leg against Ukraine, we have noticed a change, a rekindled fondness from the fans.

“We have done what we needed and made the effort on the pitch to make the fans happy so far, but we want to go further.”

The French skipper is expecting the game against Nigeria on Monday to be ‘tight’:

“Before the competition we were never labelled as one of the favourites.

“It’s true we had some good matches in the group phase, but it’s like a new tournament now. You need a lot of energy and a lot of concentration at his stage if you want to get through.

“We will need to be focused and this kind of match will be decided on a detail, so we will need to be vigilant right until the end.”

And who is inspiring this Les Bleus team?:

“Of course France 1998 are an inspiration to us. The team of ’98 is a reference for all France players and for future generations. I grew up watching them achieve wonderful things. They really are an inspiration to us.”

Lloris in the presser today:

Goalkeeper and captain, Hugo Lloris, says France has fallen back in love with its national team.

Lloris in training:



My heart simply beats football.

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