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Lloris admits he was wrong to play on with concussion


Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has admitted that he should not have played on against Everton when he sustained concussion last season and has applauded the new regulations that takes the decision out of players’ and coaches’ hands.

Lloris, 27, sustained a big knock to his head from Romelu Lukaku at Goodison Park last season but demanded that he stay on the pitch following the injury. His form then actually dipped in the weeks after the injury as it became clear that he should not have played on.

The medical staff at Goodison and on Tottenham’s bench warned that the Frenchman should not have carried on playing but he forced his way back on and was clearly struggling.

Tottenham manager, Andre Villas-Boas, was criticised for allowing Lloris to stay on the pitch and the Frenchman now knows it was a mistake to not go off following the hit from Lukaku.

He has also applauded the new rules implemented that takes the decision away from playing staff, leaving the final decision whether to take a player off to medical staff.

“It is definitely a good thing,” Lloris said in several papers. “We don’t have to play with our health and someone in the profession had the good sense to find something better.

“I was a subject of that and so it is easier for me to understand the decision. I realise now that I had taken a risk with my health. It will not happen again.

“When you are on the pitch you don’t want to leave the pitch, you want to stay with your team-mates and help them get the best result.

“Now the rules are very clear and it will be better for everyone.”




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