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Catching up with Les Bleus

My Heart Beats Football

France's captain Lloris celebrates with team mate Sakho after defeating Spain during their international friendly soccer match at the Stade de...

So much to do so little time and I am gearing up for National Novel Writing Month so football might have to take a back burner.

Unless of course it’s Les Bleus! You know I’ll do anything for the Frenchies.

Armenia is hosting Les Bleus in a friendly today, but first, I need to do some catching up.

Trip to Yerevan (capital of Armenia):

I honestly thought Lloris was gonna bust a move! Watch the video of the trip:

TRAINING (last evening):

See the video here:

STATS! (via

A few figures before Armenia-France

  • Team France won its previous three clashes against Armenia, scoring 7 goals and conceding only 2.
  • The team of France kept clean sheets at 2 of the 3 matches against Armenia. The only exception in the last game (3-2) in Yerevan September 8, 1999.
  • Didier Deschamps has played in all three previous meetings between France and Armenia as a player (270 minutes).

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My heart simply beats football.

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