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Lloris talks France and Tottenham

Hugo Lloris addressed the press last evening in Rennes on the eve of France facing Albania in a friendly.

On not playing the last two games: “It was another way of living with the French national team.”

On Raphael Varane: “Varane is becoming more and more important. He has this ability to put the whole defensive sector at ease. There are very few players like Varane. He still has a lot of things to prove, but he has the potential to become a truly great player.”

On Steve Mandanda: “My relationship with Steve has been very good from the start. We are all teammates, even if there is competition for places.”

On playing for France: “All the games are important when you’re wearing the France shirt, no matter who the opposition is. It is a joy and makes me proud.”

On Tottenham Hotspur: “It is a delicate period with Tottenham, we need to ask ourselves questions and find the answers. We have a collective problem. We are growing during these moments, we are forcing to find a solution.”

On playing in Rennes: “It is important to leave the Paris region and be in contact with our fans.”

On Karim Benzema: “Karim has taken on another dimension. He is decisive for Real, he scores a lot. It is good for France. Karim has reached a level of confidence that allows him to do the right thing at the right time. He is a complete package. I think that Karim deserves to be on the podium for the Ballon D’Or. I want him to be.”




My heart simply beats football.

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