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Hugo Lloris is THAT player that Spurs can’t afford to lose complied a list of that one player every PL team can’t afford to lose and for Tottenham Hotspur, it was blatantly obvious which player they were going to choose. This is what Jaime Elliot had to say about Hugo Lloris:

​If Tottenham were to lose Lloris, it is hard to see them as a top-half team.

The Frenchman has been spectacular between the posts and without a doubt the world class player in the Spurs side.

If they can hang onto him then they need to build their side around him, because he will only continue to be frustrated at his teammates’ ineptitude in front of him.

I agree with Jaime.

With the likes of PSG, Roma and Real Madrid on the heels of the French goalie, it is only a matter of time before he leave Spurs … that is if the team don’t stop procrastinating. They have what it takes to be champions and yet they refuse to give their all. Week in, week out, they’re leaving a bad taste on the lips of fans and critics alike. They can’t seem to give a 100% performance when it is really needed. They’re lacking in the goals department and they’re not any better at the back.

Watch their games. The manager cannot be at fault for the way they play all the time. They might have the players but they don’t have the passion and a total revamp in the near future might make sense, but they need to work with what they have. They can do it.


My heart simply beats football.

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