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‘Hugo Lloris is the best goalie in the PL’

Everton legend Neville Southall believes Hugo Lloris is the best goalkeeper in the Premier League.

‘When I look at him, he plays the way I like a goalie to play. He’s always positive, he’s always looking for things, he’s always proactive, he wants things to happen and he makes things happen.

‘He’s played in a changing club with changing players. He’s played with some absolutely s*** players and some good ones and he’s managed to get on with both. If they’ve played with a high line… well, you’ve watched Tottenham. Some of them players, they don’t know what they’re doing. If there’s going to be a slip, Lloris knows.

He’s brave on the pitch physically, he’s brave mentally, he comes out and he does stuff that other goalkeepers won’t do. I’d say he was the best in the league.’

via The Set Pieces


My heart simply beats football.

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