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Emotional night at the Wembley for Les Bleus

My Heart Beats Football

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“We were all united in this moment of communion, which obviously lifts the spirits because you feel it in your heart. It’s beautiful, it’s moving, it’s grandiose. It’s very strong.”

– Didier Deschamps

It was an emotional atmosphere at the Wembley last evening for Les Bleus as they went on to lose 2-0 to England.

How Les Bleus lined up (via

The highlight of the match was England and Wembley uniting to sing the French national anthem, “La Marseillaise”.

Blue, white and red dominated around the stadium as England hosted Les Bleus. However, it was not to be our night and I didn’t expect anything less or more from the still shaken Les Bleus so it was understandable. Dele Alli scored the opener for the English in the 39th minute and Wayne Rooney completed the 2-0 victory in the 48th. Lassana Diarra received a rapturous welcome…

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My heart simply beats football.

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