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Mousa Dembele nominates Lloris for Ice Bucket Challenge

Mousa Dembele does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates team mate, Hugo Lloris.

See Dembele’s challenge here:

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You asked, he answered

Hugo Lloris just got off from answering fans’ questions over on Facebook. This time around, some good ones were asked. I took the Q&A from Spurs official Facebook.

Q: Would you say there’s a difference in goalkeeping style between the Premier League and Ligue 1? How have you had to adapt?

A: Goalkeeping is universal but you have to adapt your game in the Premier League because there is more contact with the goalkeeper. The referees let the game flow much better. This is the charm of the Premier League. Decision making is important for a goalkeeper.

Who is your favourite goalkeeper of all time?

Casillas, Buffon, Barthez. It’s difficult to choose one.

When someone is taking a penalty, what goes through your mind and makes the decision of what way to go?

There is no secret to saving a penalty. It’s very tough but you have to give yourself a chance to stop it. To do that you have to concentrate. You have to look at his face, his position but after that it’s only your feeling. Video can help too but it’s mainly feeling on the pitch. It’s very different in training and a real match.

What made you become a goalkeeper?

I started with tennis but I started to play football and just said I want to be a goalkeeper. Don’t ask me why! It was just my feeling. I wanted to be decisive for the team.

Do u think you can captain France to winning the euros in 2016?

It’s our target but we know there will be a lot of big football nations there. When you play at home you need the ambition.

What do you like to do outside of training?

I enjoy spending time with my children. That’s the main thing for me outside of football.

You have well sculpted stubble. Do you do your own facial hair, or do you use a barber?!

Thank you Jim! I do it myself!

Who was your idol as a kid?

Pete Sampras. I loved watching him play tennis. His attacking style was great.

Are you thinking of climbing Mt. Everest in your lifetime? if yes, i will be at airport to receive you

Before I do Mt. Everest I need to start with Mont Blanc.

Who is the funniest player at Tottenham? Could you tell us about his worst joke that you ever heard?

Adebayor and Sandro. If you spend time with them you are bound to laugh!

Hugo, what part of your game has improved the most since joining Tottenham?

I feel I have improved the most off the pitch. There are challenges that you have to overcome. I think I’ve improved all round.

What’s it like to know that millions of people see you as an idol?

I don’t think about that I just try to do my job. You have to stay focused.

Who is the best player you have ever played against?

Suarez, Messi, Raul, Ronaldo. It’s difficult to choose just one player!

Who is the most playful person in training?

Adebayor. He always plays with a smile on his face. He is always laughing!

Who’s got the most difficult shot to deal with out of the spurs team?

Eriksen. You cannot read his shot.

What was it like to captain your country

I am very proud of it. It’s a big responsibility.

What thoughts go through your head before a big game?

You are just thinking about the game. I always feel better once I get out on the pitch and do a warm-up. Otherwise you just get yourself into your own zone.

Watch the interview here:

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Lloris attends Tottenham cake bake-off

This happened yesterday:

Hugo Lloris and U18 goalkeeper Luke McGee judged a bake-off between 12 unemployed young people on a Prince’s Trust course this week. Lloris was at Haringey Sixth Form Centre on Thursday (December 5th) to taste Tottenham Cakes made by young people who had taken part in The Prince’s Trust’s Get Started with Cooking programme.

And pics from the visit via the club’s official Facebook:

Lloris be like ‘when can we start eating cake?’

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Twitter Q&A with Hugo Lloris

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Today Hugo Lloris had a Twitter take over via SpursOfficial. He was there to answer fans’ questions and he also chose the best question, signing a shirt for the lucky fan.

I have not recreated the questions or answers, but I chose to leave the askers names out.

#SpursQandA via SpursOfficial twitter account:

Q1  During your youth football was you always a goalkeeper or did you play in other positions?

Hugo: I started in goal when I was 6 & played there for 2 yrs, I played GK & striker then. I stayed in goal when I joined Nice.

Q2  Salut Hugo! Was it a difficult decision to stop playing tennis to concentrate on football?

Hugo: It was difficult as I liked playing both, but I didn’t have the time as I trained so much for football. It natural choice


Hugo: Ha! I like a lot of cheeses, we have good cheese in France. If I had to choose one, maybe Chevre.

Q4  how do the restaurants in London compare to Lyon?

Hugo: Lyon is amazing place for restaurants. In France we say Lyon is the capital of gastronomy, so difficult to beat! There are many nice ones in London though, lot of different cultures & cuisines for me to discover.

Q5  Hugo! What music do you listen to to get pumped for a big game?

Hugo: Ah, I listen to lots of different music! I like, Coldplay, David Guetta too and Jay Z, so I like lot of different styles.

Q6  what has been the biggest change since coming to the EPL? Pace of game/weather/food?

Hugo: The food is okay! The weather is fine, the atmosphere in the stadiums, you feel the passion of the of the fans.

Q7  Hugo, who is the best striker you’ve played against or with? 

Hugo: It is really difficult to say one, I’ve played with and against many great strikers!

Q8  Hugo, what is your favourite save you’ve made so far in a spurs shirt?

Hugo: I don’t have favourites really as long as they stay out. I try to help the team to win the most points we can.

Q9  who was Hugo’s boyhood heroes in relation to goalkeepers?

Hugo: I was fascinated by great players in sport. I liked Sampras, now I like Nadal & Federer. In football; Cantona & Zidane

Q10  what was his initiation song?

Hugo: A Michael Jackson song, Heal the World. I learnt it at school & sang it in English, I thought would help me integrate.

Q11  Dear Mr.Hugo, when did you start learning to speak English?

Hugo: At school I was maybe 10 or 11.

Q12  What do you do in your spare time?

Hugo: I enjoy spending time with my daughter as much as possible. Like anyone who is my age, the normal things.

Q13  What advice would you give to a young footballer?

Hugo: It is important to keep the passion & the enjoy playing every day. To contribute to the full for the team and to make sure you enjoy it and of course, to work hard.

Q14  if you weren’t a soccer player what do you think you’d be now?

Hugo: Ah I don’t know, I became professional footballer at 17, I had grown up with football in school but some players stop school early but I continued to study. I wanted to have another option if I didn’t make it.

All good things had to come to an end. To answer Q14 for him, I think he might have been a Maths Lecturer or even a Scientist seeing that he loves both subjects.

His favourite question? The one about his favourite cheese and he signed a shirt for the lucky fan.

Follow SpursOfficial on Twitter today and become a fan of the club on Facebook.



Pictures via SpursOfficial (Twitter & Instagram)