New Beginnings …


On August 31st 2012, Hugo Lloris signed for EPL club, Tottenham Hotspur moving on to bigger better things. The gardien spent 2009-2012 at the Ligue 1 club, Olympique Lyonnais. Spurs is a great admirer of the goalie.

On moving he said:

“I am here because I believe in Tottenham. I think everything is okay for the future of Tottenham, we have great players in the team and a great coach and everything is alright and in place to get to the Champions League next year. I think we have to prove ourselves on the pitch and I’m here because I believe in, and am ready to give my best for, the team and also the fans.” (via Spurs TV)

Lloris talks to Spurs TV:


4 seasons at the OL
202 matches
3 times best goalie of the L1
38 selections
Hugo Lloris, number one forever!

Good luck at your new club, Oogie and thank you for your contribution to both the Lyon club and the Ligue.


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